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I was born and raised in South Korea and became a medical doctor in 2002 and moved to the United States in 2009 for pursing medical career in the U.S. I have finished medical oncology training in 2014. I have been working in conventional oncology practices since graduation during which time I started realizing that the way we approach we cancer with modern medicine is not very effective and efficient. Meanwhile, I have developed interests in various aspect of my life with the desire for self-improvement and I have decided to embark on Integrative Medicine fellowship at University of Arizona after the graduation of which I have decided to change my career projectory to help more people in a more efficient way.

I am an aficionado in many different areas of health and wellbeing. My keen interests lie in exploring and investigating the nature of consciousness, reality and dreams. I enjoy cooking, gardening, reading, language learning and meditating. I cook my own food mostly in Korean and Japanese style with occasional incorporation of other ethnic cuisines. I am really passionate about ethnic cooking and have cooked many different type of ethnic cuisines from all continents including Latin America and Middle East. I have been practicing intermittent fasting once a week for the last 3 years which I have personally benefited substantially. My philosophy in nutrition is 'Every meal is an opportunity to incorporate as diverse and beneficial elements as possible while still enjoyable so that it can nurture my body and make me enjoy my life to the the fullest'. My spiritual pursuit has led me to a various spiritual tradition including non-secular Buddhism, Kriya yoga, Native American shamanic practices as well as lucid dreaming practices. Currently I am engaging myself in meditative breathing, yoga nidra and stretching exercise daily in the morning.


I am a passionate language learner and polyglot linguist. My native language is Korean and my English fluency/proficiency is in native speaker level. In addition I can speak advanced level (C1) of Spanish and Japanese. Plus I have achieved B1 level of Italian and German. I also maintain my keen interests with basic level in Chinese, Turkish, French and Portuguese.

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My Timeline

Mar 2018- Mar 2022 Vidant Roanoke Chowan Hospital (Ahoskie, NC)

Feb 2020-Feb 2022  Fellowship @ University of Arizona Andrew Weil Center of Integrative Medicine

Jul 2014-Sep 2017 Jencare (Norfolk, VA)

Jun 2012-Jul 2014 Medical Oncology Felliowship @ Ochsner Clinic Foundation (New Orleans, LA)

Jul 2009- Jun 2012 Residency at New York Downtown Hospital (New York, NY)

Mar 2005- Mar 2008 Military Service in South Korea (Yanggu, South Korea)

Mar 2003- Mar 2005 ER physician (Pusan, South Korea)

Mar 2002- Mar 2003 Internship @ Pusan National University Hospital (Pusan, South Korea)

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