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Turn the cancer into an OPPORTUNITY
in addition to achieving the best outcome!

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You are a human being who deserves to have dignity to be told the truth about how to achieve health, well-being and treat cancer without conflicting interests from hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutics or insurance companies.

Are you not able to align yourself with one-size-fits-all approach for cancer? You feel like you deserve more indivualized plan? Are you overwhelemd, fatigued, depressed,  alone or frustrated?


Are you wondering if there can a hope in these circumstances?                     

Your life is too precious to be treated as a number or a case rather than a human being with psyche and mind and you are too unique to be subjected to a one-size-fits-all kind of treatment that is inconsiderate of your individuality. You are too reasonable to believe in doctors telling you that you can eat whatever you want so as not to lose more weight and stress and sleep don't matter all that much. 

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You deserve to hear encoungament and empowerment with hopeful messages and not be seen as a probability in statistics but as rather a possibility. You do not deserve a fractured approach that does not take into account our innate healing capabilities in the body. 

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Coming soon...


Message from the Cloud Bilingual french/english

Now available in Amazon

Mensaje de la nube/Message from the Cloud Bilingual (Spanish/English)

Chang O has debuted as a children's book author!

This is a book inspired by a dream that my daughter, Ana had. First time Ana shared her dream, I was awe-struck by her beautiful journey to the star and her matter-of-fact demeanor in describing, without any hesitation. Ana was certain that she was a star!

How could a five-year-old have such a transcendental experience? Ana seemed to be sharing a subliminal spiritual message. Her altruistic attitude blew my mind. Ana wanted to share her story with the world for the benefit of children and their parents who may appreciate her message of love and hope. 

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