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Turn the cancer into an OPPORTUNITY
in addition to achieving the best outcome!

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I am a healer who believes in the power of  healing capabilties in our body and the importance of mind-body connection. Are you ready to build up the strength of your immune system that can keep the cancer from coming back?


I believe all of following is important to achieve best outcome but is rarely discussed.

                     1. To find a way connect to ourselves accessing our own intuition and ancestral wisdom.

                    2. To find hopes, meaning and purposes in this process.

                    3. To be empowered by those who have achieved outstanding results and have full support from healer

                   4. To take into account of each and everyone's individual differences.

                   5. To be mindful that it takes conscious efforts and dedication of time and energy to cultivate a new healthy habit


Cansur Pass Coaching

A non-judgmental, inclusive and holistic approach towards cancer. Cancer is not only viewed as just a tumor that needs to be removed but rather an opportunity to be able to improve. There will be an extensive amount of empowerment, instillation of hope as well as processes to find meaning and purpose by connecting to our inner self. The rate for this service is 500$ per hour

Second Opinion

Available for NC, VA residents or outside U.S.

I provide a second opinion for a cancer case and this will include 1:1 education for nutrition, supplements, mind-body connection, factors that affect the outcome of course of cancer, spontaneous remissions and my take on any given conventional treatment option proposed by primary oncologist. The fee includes coverage for total of 4 hours some of which will be utilized for chart review and investigations to come up with personalized recommendations. The rate for this service is 2000$ per case.

Books (click to find out more details)

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Coming soon...

Now available in Amazon

This is a book inspired by a dream that my daughter, Ana had. First time Ana shared her dream, I was awe-struck by her beautiful journey to the star and her matter-of-fact demeanor in describing, without any hesitation, such a vivid and detailed storyline. Ana was certain that she was a star!

How could a five-year-old have such a transcendental experience? Ana seemed to be sharing a subliminal spiritual message. Her altruistic attitude blew my mind. Ana wanted to share her story with the world for the benefit of children and their parents who may appreciate her message of love and hope.