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药材汤 Yàocái tāng
(Chinese herbal medicine soup)

Prep Time:

Cook Time:





About the Recipe


Water 2 L

pork ribs (alternatively whole chicken) 8 oz

3-5 Astragalus root (aka Beiqi)

5-10 Dangshen (aka Codonopsis)

5-10 Dried Lotus seeds

5-10 Dried longans

Handful of Goji berries

Handful Dried lily bulbs

4-5 slices of Chinese yam (aka Huai shan)

Handful of Yukchuk (aka Solomon’s seal)

a few dry tangerine peel


Rinse pork rib in the water and put them in a pot with cold water. Add slices of ginger in the water and cooking wine. Bring it to a boil and stop the cooking. Discard the water and rinse the pork in the cold water. Fill in the pot with new clean water and bring it to a boil again. Once it is boiling add the pork and all the herbs you have. Let it boil on high heat for 15 minutes and then let it simmer another 30 minutes. You can decided to add more water and cook longer if desired. Remember the longer it cook, the softer meat gets and it yummier the soup gets as well.

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