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Integrative Oncology


Integrative Oncology can be defined as the rational, evidence-based combination of conventional therapy with complementary interventions into an individualized therapeutic regimen that addresses the whole person living with and beyond cancer - body, mind and spirit

Broad Definition of Health

physical, mental, emotional and spiritual factors

Wide range of interventions

from prevention to treatment to rehabilitation and recovery

Coordination of care

across an array of caregivers and institutions

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Patient-centered Care

around and within individual patient

Variety of modalities

open to not just usual care but also unconventional care

Vision of optimal health

Conceptually inclusive

Lifespan Horizon


Science integration

The Principles of Integrative Oncology

1. The Natural Healing Power of the Organism

2. Whole Person Medicine

3. The Importance of Lifestyle

4. The Critical Role of the Doctor-Patient Relationship

  • From Chapter 1 of ‘Integrative Oncoloogy (2nd edition) by Andrew T. Weil and Donald I. Abrams


Why Integrative Oncology?

For those who are tired of hearing below:

You can eat whatever you want so that you don't lose weight

This is incurable cancer and there is not much we can do about it

Why are you taking herbs and supplements.
They are only going to interfere chemotherapy and of no use.

Stress does not cause cancer and has nothing to do with it

If you are looking for an oncologist who:

1 Would like to know you not only as a patient, but a human being and is willing to listen to your story
2 Believes in the quote 'You are what you eat'
3 Knows the importance of tackling inflammation

4 Understands role of self-empowerment in achieving health
5 Understands importance of gut-microbiome
6 Understands and knows to utilize/nurture the capability of innate healing in the body
7 Knows to respect religious/spiritual beliefs
8 Is a good cook and can suggest recipes for people in any cultural spheres 
9 Is willing to hear about any kind of treatments you might be interested in
10 Is willing to speak to anyone for your medical care including your doctor