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Dedicated & Experienced

March 2018- March 2022

Vidant Roanoke Chowan Hospital

I have worked at Hematology/Oncology clinic at Vidant Roanoke Chowan Hospital in Ahoskie, NC. I had a privilege to work in a rural environment which is a challenging aspect in providing multi-modal cancer care. I am very well aware of challenges we encounter in the cancer care and I have dealt with extremely challenging cases with poor underlying health. I happened to complete my fellowship during this time and I have started incorporating the principles of integrative medicine here.

Feb 2020-Feb 2022

Integrative Medicine Fellowship

The Integrative fellowship at the University of Arizona opened me the door to achieve the tools I needed to establish my dream practice to help my patients in organic and wholesome way.

I will be forever grateful to my wife to introduce me to this wonderful and hard-to-believe-to-be-true fellowship programs. I also need to send my unlimited gratitude to my wife who has shown me by example how to achieve what you want in life. 

July 2014-September 2017


This was my first job every since completion of oncology. I had to do some primary care due to the fact that I was obliged to serve medically underserved population due to my immigration need. It was a humbling experience and first time I had myself in contact with real-world Americans who are suffering from chronic disorders. It helped me with honing my skill as a generalist and it did have an inspiring view on healthcare reforming and made me realize the complexity of US healthcare system and its ineffectiveness.

June 2012-July 2014


I am grateful that I had a very hands-on and practical training in hematology and oncology where I felt comfortable dealing with any hematologic/oncologic conditions that I encounter in the clinic and I think I have learned how to learn new things and investigate when I encounter a question that I have no good answer to. I am also grateful and thankful for Dr. Emmons, who was one of attending who has gone to great lengths to talk about diet, Michael Pollan, how to exercise and insight timer et cetera with a patient who is in remission. This little seed  had eventually led me to this path eventually after I completed my fellowship and I will be forever grateful for him.

July 2009- June 2012

Residency at New York Downtown Hospital

It was one of the most fun time in my life where I just have moved from Korea to Lower Manhattan, NYC. I've been blessed to have this wonderful opportunity and I enjoyed being able to be in contact with so many different cultures and different lifestyle and above all I have met my wife in a residency program who later inspire me to embark on the journey of pursuing integrative medicine.

Mar 2005- Mar 2008

Military Service in South Korea

I have served as a general medical officer in Korean Army for 3 years residing in a city called 'Yanggu', a remote mountainous city bordering North Korea. This was a very interesting experience and I have decided to move to the U.S. during this time and have prepared for it by setting up a defined goal of practicing medicine in the U.S. and around the world. I have also underwent extreme military training to be a soldier that eventually increase my resilience.

Mar 2003- Mar 2005

ER physician

I have worked as a emergency room physician in South Korea in multiple different hospitals dealing with mostly acute conditions such as trauma, heart disease including myocardial infarction or stroke. This was a very tough time of my life but at the same time it  honed my skills to grant me an opportunity to treat emergent situations and to help me maintain composure in an extremely stressful circumstances.

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