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Bilingual version
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The message from the cloud: You are a star glowing in the sky (Bilingual edition: English/French)

This is a book inspired by a dream that my daughter, Ana had. First time Ana shared her dream, I was awe-struck by her beautiful journey to the star and her matter-of-fact demeanor in describing, without any hesitation, such a vivid and detailed storyline. Ana was certain that she was a star!

How could a five-year-old have such a transcendental experience? Ana seemed to be sharing a subliminal spiritual message. Her altruistic attitude blew my mind. Ana wanted to share her story with the world for the benefit of children and their parents who may appreciate her message of love and hope. 

Ana has already presented her dream at a French poem festival in Quebec. Her French teacher, Catherine, inspired Ana to go to the festival. Ana’s mom surprised Ana (and her dad) with a trip to Canada so Ana could celebrate her dream with even more people.

Dreams are universal and may help us explore our subconscious mind. Most
mammals and even birds can dream. Dreams may be mysterious, nonsensical—and even prophetic. Ana’s dream reveals that maybe one day when we die we will all return to the sky as stars.


May this beautiful story inspire you to think about who you are and why you are here in this world. Many of us lose connection with our dreams. We hope Ana’s dream inspires you to remember your own dreams as they may hold clues to your soul’s purpose in this magical world.

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