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​ Chase Chang O Son

I was born and raised in South Korea and became a doctor in 2002 and moved to the States in 2009 for pursing medical career in the U.S. and worldwide. After finishing my fellowship I have started working as an oncologist and I quickly noticed that there are plenty of problems in U.S. medical system and it certainly served better for me as a physician but I noticed the ineffectiveness in its system and certain sense of intended blindness where everyone is looking away from the root of the problems. So these started to bother me as I continue my daily life as a physician and I started to gravitate towards to what might be a solution to these problems. I have started to find myself getting healthier and I started noting the flaws and limiting beliefs and teachings that I have been imposed during my education especially in the field of oncology. Especially after doing Integrative Medicine Fellowship I have become much more balanced view in medicine in general and with our oncology patients as well. 

I am an aficionado in many different areas of health and wellbeing. His keen interests lie in exploring and investigating the nature of consciousness, realities and dreams. He enjoys ethnic cooking, gardenening, reading, language learning. Chase mostly cooks his own food mostly in Korean and Japanese style with occasional incorporation of other ethnic cuisine. Chase has cooked many different type of foods in the past including Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, Colombian, Peruvian, Turkish, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Cuban, Indian, Lebanese, Chase speaks Korean, English fluently, and advanced level of Spanish and Japanese. He has B2 level of Turkish and German. He has keen interest in learning Italian, French and Portuguese. 

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